The SBC Majority Initiative…

What do we mean by the SBC Majority?

The SBC is a convention of churches, not people. Therefore, the proper way of looking at who are the SBC majority is to look at churches.

According to a study of the 2006 ACP:
1-99 attendees = 25,217 churches (62.7%)
100-199 attendees = 8,305 churches (20.7%)
200-299 attendees = 2,850 churches (7.1%)
300-499 attendees = 2,126 churches (5.3%)
500-749 attendees = 788 churches (2.0%)
750-999 attendees = 336 churches (0.8%)
1,000-1,999 attendees = 425 churches (1.1%)
2,000+ attendees = 139 churches (0.3%)

Total Churches = 40,186

• 83.4% of all SBC churches have less than 200 in average Sunday morning worship attendance.
• 15.2% of all SBC churches have more than 200 and less than 1000 in Sunday morning worship attendance.
• 1.4% of all SBC churches have more than 1,000 in Sunday

SBC Leadership Dominated by Minority of Churches
Here are some facts:
• In the election of SBC presidents, all have come from 1.4% of SBC churches. The minority is ruling the majority.
• In the current distribution of SBC trustees, 76% come from 16.6% of SBC churches. The minority is ruling the majority.
• In the appointment of the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force, 1 out of 23 was from the SBC majority.

In a convention where 84% of its churches are only represented by 22% on its boards, it is clear that the majority of the churches in the SBC are not equitably represented.

We believe it is time for the era of our convention of small churches being dominated by the minority of big churches to cease. The viewpoint of 83.4% of our churches is not represented in our committee and trustee nominations and we think that is wrong. It is time for the majority of the SBC to stand up and take action.

What Can Be Done to Increase the Representation of the SBC Majority?
How do we plan to accomplish the increased representation of the SBC majority in the governance of the SBC?

1. Make motions for SBC bylaw changes which will provide for more small church representation on entity boards.
2. Offer SBC Majority Initiative candidates for SBC President, 1st Vice President, and 2nd Vice President.
3. Encourage SBC Majority Initiative churches to send their full complement of messengers to SBC Annual Meetings.
4. Publicize the lack of equitable representation in SBC boards and committees by the SBC majority.

What Can You Do to Help?
1. Sign up as a supporter of the SBC Majority Initiative.
2. Attend SBC Annual Meetings.
3. Vote for SBC Majority Initiative candidates.

Prior to the SBC Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL, we will be announcing SBC Majority Initiative candidates for all major offices. Also, we will be unveiling a motion which will be made in Orlando for a bylaw change which will effect greater representation of the SBC Majority on SBC entities boards.

Please visit our website and sign up as a supporter. Thank you for your support.


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