I was asked this question the other day and not for the first time since the discussion surrounding GCR began.

If the SBC entities were to disappear, would the local Southern Baptist church notice?

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  1. Dan says:

    I can’t speak for everybody, but I can make a guess about the church I serve…

    -Seminaries–We would definitely notice them being gone since several of our church members are seminary students and all staff are SBC seminary-trained.

    -IMB–We would definitely notice if it were gone. We have several church members serving on the field with them and we send teams to partner with IMB missionaries regularly.

    -Lifeway–We would notice. We get most of our Sunday School material from them, as well as VBS stuff and various other resources.

    -Guidestone–Those of us who work for the church would notice, although others might not. All of our employee insurance and retirement accounts are done through them.

    -NAMB–Not sure if we would notice. One couple in our church are technically NAMB missionaries, but they have to raise all their own funds anyway.

    -Executive Committee–We would probably only notice with respect to our denominational giving. Without the cooperative program, we would have to decide how much (if any) to give to each of the other entities.

    -ERLC–We would not notice at all if they were gone.

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