Externalizing the Problem

Southern Baptist Convention

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There is a technique in marital and family counseling for the members to identify the problem and separate the problem from the individuals. This is a technique known as “externalization” and is popular with narrative therapy. In the case with Great Commission Resurgence in the Southern Baptist Convention, there is a need to externalize the problem. In therapy, the problem once identified is addressed. The problem is the problem.

In GCR, there is a need to identify the problem. The problem is apathy. There is an apathy about personal evangelism and missions. There is apathy about the reality of Hell. There are other areas where apathy has infected. Until we address this issue, we cannot move forward. As we move into 2011, let us make the resolution to attack the problem and not people.

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4 Responses to Externalizing the Problem

  1. Rick says:

    Sounds like Laodicea to me….

  2. With the majority .. the vast majority .. of SBC church members missing in action, or should I say “inaction”, it’s obvious to me that the problem is not in evangelism, but in discipleship. Inasmuch as it’s God Who sends us people, not us who “lure them in”, it’s expectable God would stop sending people to those who are trying to “sell God” to the public, rather than follow through and actually obey the Great Commission.

    But, as they say, everybody’s fault is nobody’s fault, so year after year, the problem simply isn’t addressed.

    Just one opinion from one pew.

  3. D.R. Randle says:

    Unfortunately, the “problem” cannot be narrowed down to just one thing. There are plenty of issues that play into the fact that we as Southern Baptists are not accomplishing the Great Commission as effectively as we should. These would include the mismanagement of funds by our entities, our state conventions, our local associations, and even our Churches. When we have Churches building $150 million campuses and state conventions dwelling in $43 million office buildings, then we have more than just a problem with apathy. We have a problem with stewardship as well.

  4. Chris Gowen says:

    There is an ignorance of the gospel. As long as the gospel presentation is packaged as four steps and the lifting of one finger with the nod the head, we will continue to expect unregenerate souls to be unapathetic toward the things of the Lord.

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