Restructure Will Not Bring About Revival

Eric Moffett is the current 2nd VP of the SBC. Brother Eric is a small church pastor in Arkansas and he is also a SBC Majority Initiative supporter. Today, with brother Eric’s approval, we excerpt a portion of his recent blog post entitled, “Back To the Original Question.” We recommend Eric’s blog to you and this post specifically.

There are many aspects of the GCR that I rejoice about, despite my sincere disagreements concerning some of the recommendations. I rejoice about the specific calls given to churches and leaders concerning revival, Great Commission awareness and denominational service. I rejoice with the concern for reaching the nations with the gospel. I rejoice with the renewed effort to utilize the tools of Southern Baptists. Yet, I fear, we are giving into the belief that structure and policy change will somehow bring renewal to the work of Southern Baptists.

Changing the structure of convention work, removing the cooperative agreements, reducing staff at NAMB and changing CP percentages will never bring revival. We can streamline, shake up and move around the entire Southern Baptist Convention and still Great Commission fulfillment will not be guaranteed. We need to make sure, as things in our convention begin to change, that we do not rely on organization re-structuring to bring the presence of Holy Spirit. The weight of the Great Commission rests in the presence of each local church.

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