B-52’s and the Cooperative Program

A B-52H from Barksdale AFB flying over the desert

The B-52 Stratofortress is an amazing aircraft. It has been in active service with the United States Air Force since 1955. In spite of technological advances since its introduction, it has been found to be a durable workhorse with a large payload. The plans now are to keep it in active service till 2040 which will mean it will have a service life of over 80 years when it is retired.

The Cooperative Program has been a reliable means of funding the missions of the Southern Baptist Convention since 1925. Like the B-52, it is still effective. It is the way small churches are able to pull together and use their resources to further the Kingdom of God. Before 1925, institutions and ministry partners had to rely on societies of benefactors and speakers for funding. Pastors tired of the traveling speakers who would show up before Sunday morning services to ask for permission to speak. Also, it created an imbalance in the funding of institutions.

David E. Hankins, Executive Director of the Louisiana Baptist Convention as well as the Louisiana Baptist Convention Executive Board overwhelmingly affirmed their support of the Cooperative Program in a resolution on September 28, 2010. The Baptist Press has an article with the full details. A former SBC president came to White Oak this past year and reminded everyone present that “every dollar matters”. That is true. Every dollar matters and every dollar given to the Cooperative Program is the most effective means of funding the Convention well into this century. Where there is a vision for missions, the dollars will follow. As it was reported back in 2006:

The recommendation revisions to be presented to the Executive Committee will continue to encourage Southern Baptist churches to increase the percentage of undesignated receipts given through the Cooperative Program.

Now is the time to increase the percentage of undesignated receipts, not reduce it or dismantle it.

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2 Responses to B-52’s and the Cooperative Program

  1. The B-52 is certainly a fine weapon; you’re right about that. But it’s a relatively minor part of our military operations now, what with B-1’s, Stealth Bombers, etc.

    The original and subsequent attacks on Iraq were conducted by stealth fighters, used to sneak in undetected and knock out their defensive detection capabilities .. knock out the radar, etc. Gen. Schwartzkopf described it as “taking away their eyes and ears”.

    Then the other modern aircraft swept in and established air supremacy, clearing the way for our laser-guided bombs to destroy selected targets. I don’t believe the B-52’s took any part up until that point, but I’m not sure if they did, after.

    So the B-52 analogy may be more apropos for those trying to justify the changes wrought by the GCRTF report and its implementation, than those arguing against those things. Their point seems to be we need other, perhaps more modern things, to assist the old reliable CP.

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