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Gloom, Despair, and Agony

It seems all the news about state conventions is gloom, despair, and agony. In North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, for instance, cutbacks are being made in budgets and staff. The Biblical Recorder reports of NC Baptists cutting their budget … Continue reading

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FREE Trip to Israel for TWO Small Church Pastors!

My friend, Micah Fries, is leading his church, Frederick Boulevard Baptist Church in St. Joseph, MO, on a tour of Israel in February (Feb. 14-22, 2011…to be exact). ¬†They are giving away two trips to two pastors of churches averaging … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Cooperation

Robert Reeves, director of communications for the Kentucky Baptist Convention, has written a wonderful post entitled, “The Meaning of Cooperation.” I recommend it to you. Here’s an excerpt: I think one of the discussion points at the forefront today does … Continue reading

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Restructure Will Not Bring About Revival

Eric Moffett is the current 2nd VP of the SBC. Brother Eric is a small church pastor in Arkansas and he is also a SBC Majority Initiative supporter. Today, with brother Eric’s approval, we excerpt a portion of his recent … Continue reading

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We Endorse the CP Resolution From the Louisiana Baptist Convention

The Steering Committee of the SBC Majority Initiative announces that we unanimously endorse the Cooperative Program Resolution as written by the Executive Board of the Louisiana Baptist Convention. Here is the complete text of that resolution: On Cooperative Giving, Our … Continue reading

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B-52’s and the Cooperative Program

The B-52 Stratofortress is an amazing aircraft. It has been in active service with the United States Air Force since 1955. In spite of technological advances since its introduction, it has been found to be a durable workhorse with a … Continue reading

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How To Get $43.8M More to IMB in the Cooperative Program Allocations

There has been much discussion in the past year about the place of the Cooperative Program in the life of the local church and the recipient SBC institutions. Some want to do away with the CP and go to designated … Continue reading

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