The Dismantling of the Southern Baptist Convention: Part 4

The chairperson of the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force, Ronnie Floyd, has decided to remove “baptist” from the name of his church. Personally, I find this action from an alleged leader of the SBC to be extremely poor leadership. Yes, Floyd’s church is autonomous and they can do whatever they wish, including removing the word “baptist” from their name. However, if someone is ashamed of the name “baptist,” then I think that he nor his church members have no business being appointed to SBC boards and task forces.

It would be nice to see SBC leaders who actually lead and not just jump on a fad bandwagon.

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7 Responses to The Dismantling of the Southern Baptist Convention: Part 4

  1. So their identifying themselves as “Baptist” is more important than any other consideration they might have for how to reach their communities? To me, that’s bordering on denominational idolatry.

    That’s also pride in a name, and I don’t think God much likes pride in any name other than Jesus’.

  2. I would also mention that nowhere in what I read did anything hint at being ashamed of being Baptist. That’s a straw man, if I’ve ever seen one.

  3. lesliepuryear says:

    I appreciate your opinion but I believe you are wrong about this one.

    Calling my post “petty” doesn’t help you regain your credibility here.


  4. Howell Scott says:


    I suppose you could interpret Les’ post as you did, but I think you read into it more than is there. I have absolutely no problem with autonomous churches doing whatever they believe God is calling them to do, without being dicated by the State or National SBC. Over on SBCVoices, you gave me a hearty “amen” for that.

    However, what I think Les is questioning is that which I would also question. Of course, Ronnie Floyd and his congregation (did they all vote on this?) can change their name. I don’t think Les questioned their Southern Baptist bona fides nor their CP giving, although they really could only raise their CP giving as it was so low to begin with. What he was questioning is how this affects leadership within the SBC, if it does at all. You (and Frank) may not see anything at all amiss in this. That’s okay. That Les and I (and I’m sure others) do should come as no great surprise, given the political climate within the Convention.

    When I read the news a few days ago, I just found it passing strange that a church in Arkansas — a “Bible belt” state — pastored by the chairman of the Southern Baptist’s Great Commission Resurgence Task Force, would change the name of their well-known church. Somehow, I just don’t see a Jim Henry or a Bobby Welch changing the names of the churches that they pastored, but I could be wrong. Thanks and God bless,


  5. lesliepuryear says:


    As usual, you get it. 🙂


  6. lesliepuryear says:

    Brother Howell,

    Would you please send me your email address? Send it to Thanks.


  7. Quinn Hooks says:

    This is a growing trend which started in the 80’s and is gaining momentum. Here is a link to a series of different articles about churches and organizations that have removed “Baptist” from their names.
    It hasn’t been that long since The Baptist Bookstore changed their name to Lifeway. The usual rationale I have found in dropping “Baptist” in names is that it removed barriers from reaching communities and reduces confusion about church identity among others. It is based on the research done by Barna and the rise of church marketing.

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