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The Dismantling of the Southern Baptist Convention: Part 4

The chairperson of the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force, Ronnie Floyd, has decided to remove “baptist” from the name of his church. Personally, I find this action from an alleged leader of the SBC to be extremely poor leadership. Yes, … Continue reading

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SBC EC Rejects My Motion

This news item in the Biblical Recorder sums up my feelings on this very well. Looks like it’s time to take this issue to the convention for a floor vote.

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The Dismantling of the Southern Baptist Convention: Part 3

The new SBC leaders are trying to move our convention away from a cooperative giving model to a societal giving model. No matter how much they say they support cooperative giving, their actions speak much louder than their words. For … Continue reading

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The Dismantling of the Southern Baptist Convention: Part 2

Bryant Wright, SBC President on the Cooperative Program: We just want a majority of our denominational missions funding to go to international missions. We would prefer to give all our denominational missions support through the Cooperative Program. But until there … Continue reading

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The Dismantling of the Southern Baptist Convention: Part 1

As an old cartoon hero once said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” To me, it has become obvious that there is a concerted effort among SBC leaders to dismantle the SBC as we know it and … Continue reading

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A Proposal For Offsite SBC Annual Meeting Attendance

In the past couple of years, some people have been promoting the idea of the SBC allowing offsite attendance to our Annual Meeting. I think the time has come for this idea to be tested. The Annual Meeting is already … Continue reading

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The New NAMB: All Eggs in the Church Planting Basket

New NAMB President, Kevin Ezell, has made it clear that church planting will be the main priority of NAMB. Yesterday, he was quoted as saying: “Today, we’ve got the potential of entering a golden age of church planting. The GCR … Continue reading

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Is Sunday School “Antiquated”?

On September 7, Ed Stetzer hosted an online conference for small church leaders. Brother Ed is an ardent supporter of small churches and his heart for the small church was certainly demonstrated by this online conference. I was only able … Continue reading

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Pray for NAMB Trustees

Baptist Press,¬†Ed Stetzer, and other sources report that on September 14, 2010, the trustee board of the North American Mission Board will meet to consider the recommendation of the NAMB President search team that Pastor Kevin Ezell of Highview Baptist … Continue reading

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