The SBCMI Blog Goes Online!

Welcome to the blog for the SBC Majority Initiative.  In this arena we are planning to discuss those issues which impact the majority of churches in our convention.  We also hope to encourage these smaller in attendance SBC churches and their pastors to take on a more active role in the life of our convention including willingness to serve in leadership on trustee boards and in the convention at large.

We are looking forward to many profitable discussions in the days ahead.  We will be discussing issues like involvement in SBC leadership as well as sharing with you resources for the local church to help us all more faithfully fulfill our Great Commission calling and ministry.

Posts will be generated from the blog team–who are Les Puryear, Scott Gordon, and Quinn Hooks–as well as those who have indicated their support by signing up on our website as supporters of this movement.

Thank you for stopping by.

You can add us to you blog reader via the RSS button at the bottom of the page.  You are also able to follow us on Twitter & Facebook (UPDATE: Finding us on Facebook is now easier! Just type in in your browser’s address bar!):

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