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Why Do Pastors Get Fired?

A growing number of pastors are being forced to leave their churches over what a South Carolina Baptist Convention official calls “control issues.” Continue reading

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Small Boats and Small Churches

The British Army evacuated Dunkirk from May 27-June 4, 1940. Initially, this evacuation of the army was carried out by the Royal Navy. However, the leadership realized that the deep draft of their large vessels kept them from effectively reaching the troops trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk (Rickard, 2008). Continue reading

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Small Churches Still Inequitably Represented on 2010 New SBC Board Members

The new SBC board nominees which were approved in Orlando last June still reflects the same old trend of inequitable representation for SBC majority churches. Over all the boards of trustees, 63 new board members were nominated. Of these 63 … Continue reading

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The SBCMI Blog Goes Online!

Welcome to the blog for the SBC Majority Initiative.  In this arena we are planning to discuss those issues which impact the majority of churches in our convention.  We also hope to encourage these smaller in attendance SBC churches and … Continue reading

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